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Купить недвижимость на Кипре сегодня лучше всего на cypruspropertygallery.com. На сайте представлены очень выгодные условия.

Real estate in Cyprus by the sea is the best idea if you are planning to acquire apartments abroad. Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, on which more than three hundred days a year the sun pampers with its presence. Come to relax here and settle in your own mansions — what could be better?

The climate of the area is optimal and comfortable at any time of the year. Friendly people and delicious cuisine are an added bonus to everything else.

Extreme lovers and admirers of silence and comfort will like it here. Cyprus is a continuous memorial of nature and culture. The history of the population of the island has more than 10 thousand years — each period left a mark here that can be seen and touched.

The location of the island makes it possible to save on flight time. Developed infrastructure and low crime rates are attracting more and more job seekers on the seashore.

Real estate in Cyprus: prices
The cost of housing in Cyprus has a wide price range, while remaining quite reasonable and reasonable. One of the most affordable is Northern Cyprus, whose real estate is even modest by the sea.

Our agency is ready to pick up various options for different price requests. We offer our customers:

Residential real estate;
Commercial real estate;
We work only with verified objects and can guarantee the security of the transaction from start to finish.

Purchase of real estate for commercial purposes
If the acquisition of real estate is commercial in nature, Mercury Group offers a range of services for the maintenance and support of your property: selling property in Cyprus, renting out, documentary support and other operations that take time and effort.

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