Know Your Name

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Name ( is the part of speech that gives a name to a person (in this case it will be a personal name), a product (trademark or brand), idea or concept, usually used to distinguish it from others belonging to the same class.
Names can identify a class or category of things, or a certain thing, either uniquely or in some given context. Names are also used in areas such as programming (variable names, namespaces).
A name for a particular object is usually called a proper name, a name that calls a class of objects is a common noun. The name substitute is called an alias.

Name — the name given at birth, usually one, but in antiquity several names could be given (2 or more). Personal names had at all times in all civilizations. For each nation, they are associated with its culture and way of life. In order for a given name to appear in a given nation, certain cultural and historical conditions are necessary.
People began to perceive any word by which a person was called, as his personal name, and, therefore, any word could become a name.
Thus, a personal name is a word used to designate an individual person and given to him individually in order to be able to contact him and also to talk about him with others.
The role of a personal name in human life is very great. Each person can be named only by name, therefore all his good or bad actions are made public by the name. [Source not specified 541 days]
Personal names are used not only in everyday life, in private conversations, but also in documents, in various official situations, in legal practice, where the slightest inaccuracy in the record causes these or other consequences. They may be fashionable or, conversely, not be accepted by society.

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